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Preparing your business for BT ISDN shutdown


BT has recently announced that it will be ceasing their ISDN circuits by 2025. If you currently have an ISDN you will be affected and you may be considering what the implications are for your business and how to future-proof your network moving forwards.   365IT are working with affected customers and recommending that they move to SIP trunking as a cost-effective and flexible alternative.

Advantages of moving SIP?


  • Scale up and down whenever you want, whether seasonal or short-term
  • The number of SIP channels can be increased straight away, with no lengthy installation periods
  • If you move location, you can take your numbers with you anywhere in the world with no need for expensive call forwarding

Improved business continuity:

  • SIP offers built-in business continuity, with proactively monitored services that protect your business
  • You can route your calls to any number at any site
  • Fraud management options, such as daily and weekly thresholds that if exceeded will place a bar on the service, equally you can have alerts when it hits a certain percentage. You can also block calls to certain international locations along with certain types of premium or higher rate calls.

Cost effective:

  • You can save money on call costs and line rental – with SIP, as a cloud based service, the physical overheads are removed
  • Benefit from lower call rates across your entire estate
  • Rationalise your estate with a centralised SIP solution, which allows you to reduce your overall line requirement
  • Free internal calls

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