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Cloud Disaster Recovery

At 365IT it’s not our style to scare our clients into creating a disaster recovery plan, although we can advise you of your current risk level. However, there’s enough legislation coming through about the responsibility of businesses to safeguard data to put it top of mind.

To a certain extent, if you’ve migrated part of your IT to the cloud, you already have some degree of insurance in place. For example if you’ve opted for remote desktop access to a third party cloud or off-site data storage.

A complete disaster recovery strategy covers more than just data. Should the worst happen, you’ll need to recover your infrastructure too. Clearly, having a hardware replica of your in-house infrastructure kept locked away ‘just in case’ is prohibitively expensive for many businesses. But today, a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy can be outsourced at a much lower cost to your business – and disaster recovery is a service we offer our customers.

Our Disaster Recover As A Service (DRAAS) covers all your data and infrastructure, ready to go when you need it. If all you want is peace of mind that everything is ‘just there’ should you ever need it, we have a self-service option. Alternatively, if you’d like the assurance that we’re on hand to help you get re-started, then you can choose a complete managed service.

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