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Business Messaging

Email is becoming less efficient. Employees are recognising that email can be a huge drain on productivity, so they’re coming up with strategies to deal with it.  This is where new business messaging technology, which is more suited to the quick and simple communication of day-to-day interactions than email or phone, is really coming into its own.

For example, from your desktop – or tablet or mobile – you can check everyone’s availability, whether they’re off-site right now and when you are likely to be able to get hold of them. You can schedule meetings quickly, without the normal ‘when can everyone make it’ merry-go-round that sometimes takes longer than the meeting itself. And when it comes to meetings, you can hold virtual face-to-face meetings on the fly. You can even do this with your customers too, so you can travel less often.

Business messaging is all about productivity – saving time and money. Communication is critical to getting anything done, so the easier and quicker it is to communicate, the more likely your staff can actually get on with what they need to do. At 365IT we use professionally developed business messaging systems – such as Cisco Jabber or Skype for Business  – that integrate with your systems and quickly become part of your everyday interactions. We’ll help you determine which communication tool will save you the most time, and fits nicely within your budget.

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