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Real-time Speech Analytics

If you run a customer service centre, support service or contact centre, you’ll know that monitoring and training operators is essential to the success of your department. It’s not always easy to deal with the changing demands of customers, and operators have to learn to respond positively to all the things that customers can sling their way.

Real-time speech analytics can help your operators deal with those difficult calls. The technology monitors live calls and gives instant feedback to the operator so they can immediately improve. It monitors stress levels, clarity of speech and how well the operator is managing to keep to the script.

The system promotes fast learning as operators can see exactly where the call ‘goes wrong’ and why. And because they can improve the call situation immediately, if the call isn’t going well, the operator has every chance to win the customer round by modifying their approach.

Real-time speech analytics is an elegant and efficient way of improving call outcomes and customer satisfaction. It’s one of a range of business communication tools we can implement to support your customer facing staff and streamline your customer service and support activities.

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