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The latest Telephony and Collaboration technologies provide the best opportunity to tap the full range of talents of your employees, move with greater speed and flexibility, and deliver significant benefits to your organisation. By introducing the latest Communications tools that enable you to incorporate Mobile devices such as Tablets and Smart phones, utilising Enterprise Social Network applications and seamlessly incorporating Visual communications you can transform the way your employees work both internally and with business partners and customers. A new Telephony and Unified Communications platform will:

  • Provide the broadest set of products, features and reliability
  • Enable true anywhere, anytime information availability
  • Offer flexibility  to work from any device and utilise features that enhance customer service levels
  • Enable the solution to be easily rolled out to other offices, sites and mobile / homeworkers

365IT will help you to choose the best telephony system for your business. We’ll work with you to understand your business requirements and recommend the appropriate technologies to support your objectives. Through the use of well-established telephony technology – such as Microsoft Skype for Business or Cisco Collaboration  – we’ll design, implement and support your business communications in the most cost-effective way that meets the way you operate.

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