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What used to be an issue of filing cabinets and floor space is today one of storage networks and disk space. But the underlying problem remains the same. Data is generated all the time that must be stored securely for the long-term. Consumer and business data safeguarding legislation is being introduced all the time and organisations today are under pressure to constantly review and update their security around data storage.

And an added complexity is big data. Businesses are finally getting to grips with big data and are realising that data analysis is invaluable for giving superior customer service or spotting new opportunities for innovation. Of course, the amount of data needed to make big data work is huge, and is an additional burden on existing storage resources.

At 365IT we have several options at our fingertips to help you with your secure storage needs. If your need for storage is growing, we can help you scale quickly, without spiraling hardware costs. We can also help you manage costs and optimise performance through the design of a bespoke storage area network (SAN), ensuring you can access business critical data when you need to, but are not spending unnecessarily on fast access for archived information.

There are many options for efficient, secure storage of your company’s data, we’ll help you choose the best one for your organisation.

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