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VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We’re in the middle of a workplace revolution. The days of the cubicle dweller, tied to a single desktop computer are, thankfully, behind us. Today’s employees work from anywhere on any device.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) gives you the ultimate in flexible working for your employees. When any device is simply a gateway to any user’s configuration – whether they’re a guest collaborator or CEO – your users really can work anywhere they like. From a desktop in the office to a tablet at home, VDI gives freedom to your organisation.

But the real benefit of VDI (and the reason we like it so much) is that it brings flexibility and security together. Firstly, you need to identify the user so they can access their own desktop; this is an opportunity to add a secure login, like 2-factor authentication.

Secondly, the device in use merely acts as a window to the desktop, so once the session has finished and the user logs out, no information or ‘footprint’ is left on the device. So you really can let your kids play with your office smartphone and not worry about losing any vital data.

With VDI we’ve helped to transform the way our clients work and give them peace of mind. We can also help you to embrace flexible working through VDI.

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