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It’s easy to get enthusiastic about cloud, virtualisation and infrastructure-as-code, but at the end of the day your local area network is the bedrock of your system. It needs to support everything connected to it, and be a continuation of all the speed, security and capacity you’ve implemented elsewhere.

Whatever your own configuration – VLAN, WAN or WLAN – your LAN should be optimised to support your business and the way you work. If you are working with a setup that’s been there for a while, it might be the bottleneck in your network and need an upgrade in speed or capacity. Or maybe you’ve implemented more wireless functionality, or migrated to the cloud, in which case your ‘old’ LAN may be more complex than you need.

Decisions about your fundamental network structure will depend on a whole host of variables, including practical considerations, such as whether a fast connection speed is available in your area. When we work with clients to establish the best network foundation for their business, we consider the wider network environment, other technology and applications that need to run, and basic business requirements – such as cost.

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