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SIP has revolutionised the way businesses communicate – or at least how much it costs businesses to communicate. Designed originally for voice applications (think phone calls), using SIP with voice over IP has made hefty long distance call charges a thing of the past.

The savings don’t end there. Like a standard phone line, calls are free within your own telephone network,  but unlike a standard phone line, that network can extend to another site or even someone working from home. SIP makes remote working more than just a good idea, it enables businesses to afford the level of communication necessary for site wide collaboration.

And today, SIP supports video conferencing and streaming as well, further enabling a truly flexible workforce.

We can install SIP to integrate with your existing communications system, without ripping everything out and starting again. We’ll also ensure quality of service so your calls and video conferencing sessions are given priority on your network. So it really does make financial sense to switch to SIP.

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