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Wireless local area network (WLAN) functionality gives you maximum flexibility within your own office. When users can connect to the network from anywhere within the building and are not fixed to their desks, they can work in a much more fluid and spontaneous way. WLAN is also the most convenient way to set up a separate security protocol for guests to your office – they can connect easily and your core LAN remains secure.

Finding the right WLAN configuration for your organisation depends very much on how you – and your employees – work best. There’s a lot of choice with a WLAN design. For example, you can have a section for training, a core WLAN and a guest WLAN, all with their own level of user access. The right solution also depends on what applications your business needs to run and whether they are compatible with a wireless setup.

At 365IT we’ll determine what you’d like to have in terms of wireless networking, and then sense check this with what you need to run and achieve day-to-day. Then, we’ll make recommendations based on finding a balance between the two. We’ve helped companies move to an entirely wireless environment and helped others find the level of wireless that promotes flexibility and guest access – but still allows core applications to run over a hardwired segment.

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