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Multi-Factor Authentication

Whenever a user accesses your network, whether remotely or onsite, there’s an opportunity for a security breach. The humble user ID and password is not as secure as we’d like – the ID is a generally known email and the password is all too often easy to guess, written down or forgotten.

And then there’s the annoying habit of the user’s own device remembering the password, rending all security measures worthless as access is now allowed by anyone who gets their hands on the device.

Multi-factor authentication is more secure and easier for users as they have less to remember. It’s also easier to maintain security over time as you don’t have to enforce unpopular policies, such as frequently changing passwords (which the user then has to write down…).

Where data and access need to be restricted, multi-factor authentication can be used for whole network access, remote login or specific access for your most sensitive areas. We’ll help you implement a system that controls access at the level your company needs that goes beyond the well-known limitations of user ID and password.

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