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Email Security

It’s hard to imagine life without email.  Each day, 112 billion emails are sent and received by businesses worldwide and the vast majority of company communication – both internally and externally – is via email. It’s so much a part of our every day existence that, apart from using a password to log in, most users don’t consider email security at work.

Email is a gateway into your business through which a lot of traffic passes. Mail comes through to phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops.  As with most security, relying completely on the user to recognise malicious emails and observe protocols is not always enough – especially when ‘dealing with my inbox’ is an uphill struggle for many every day.

We can help you set up your email so that it is inherently secure, so your business is protected and your users can focus on their work.

We can implement anti-phishing and anti-spam protocols and scan email content for material that may harm your reputation or your users. We can also advise on long-term storage and backup, whether on-premise, cloud or a mixture of both.

We all rely on email, we’ll make sure yours is secure.

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