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Endpoint Protection

In today’s flexible working environment, endpoint protection is more vital than ever. In an ideal world users would never leave their laptop on a train, lose their phone or allow their kids to play with their tablet. But even the most security-aware users sometimes make mistakes. If your employees are using their own devices at work or connecting to your network remotely, endpoint security is likely to be the weak point in your defence.

The best security measures are the ones that work in real-life where people make mistakes. And that’s the approach we take with endpoint protection.

When we work with you, the first thing we do is understand how your users actually interface with your systems – are they working remotely or is it mostly in-house? Then we design and implement the endpoint security approach. For example, through mobile device management (MDM) you can check content and insist on encryption before allowing reconnection to the network. Depending on how your network is configured, Virtual Desktop (VDI), or an SSL portal from outside the organisation might be the most secure option to completely isolate your company data no matter who uses the endpoint device. If you’re a growing company with many users, then you may well need a variety of security measures to make sure you remain secure moving forward.

At 365IT we’ll create the solution that fits the way you’d like your employees to be able to work both now and in the future.

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