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Network Security

Mitigating security threats to your network is all about control. Controlling access, controlling data and controlling visibility. But today’s working environment pushes for the very opposite: work when you want, use any device and connect from anywhere.

Somewhere in the middle of these two extremes is the sweet spot; where the demands of your users – and your business – are met, and the threats to your network security are reduced as much as practically possible.

We help you find that sweet spot.

Much of our core expertise is about enabling businesses to embrace flexible working. However, flexibility and mobility are only practical if they can be undertaken securely. Therefore the expertise to identify, protect and mitigate against threats to network security is as much part of our core competence as anything else.

For example, we can help you make sure all employee-owned devices are checked before allowing access to your company network and we can set up enforced encryption policies company-wide. We’ll take a top level view of your network and suggest changes – such as additional VLANs – to control access and protect your data, depending on the size of your businesses and the amount of users you have.

Network security is complex, with many potential solutions. By working with you to understand your business and exactly what you need from your network, we’ll implement security measures that are the best fit for your situation, both now and going forward.

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