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Web Filtering / Application Control

Controlling access to web content and non-work related applications is becoming more and more complex. Few companies would resort to preventing access to the web entirely, so web filtering and application control provides a secure, workable compromise.

The situation has become more difficult to manage with the increasing popularity of flexible working. If employees are using their own devices at work or taking company equipment home, the boundaries between work and leisure become blurred. Maybe you could have a situation where a device that holds key company contact data is later used to access a social networking site.

At 365IT we believe that flexible, remote working helps companies work more productively and is good for employees. Therefore managing devices, including controlling access and applications, is at the heart of our expertise. Through a combination of mobile device management (MDM), content filtering and application control technology we can protect your company employees, data and network from malicious – or accidental, yet insecure – activity via the web.

Not every company needs the same set of standards; you may be happy with general web access but not online shopping, for example. We’ll look at what is essential for the level of safeguarding you need and apply blanket restrictions accordingly.

Whether dealing with executives or schoolchildren, we’ll help you set the bar at “safe”.

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